Oct 20th, 2015

American Airlines Flight 550 The Concept of Redundancy on Display

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American Airlines Flight 550: The Concept of Redundancy on Display!  Backup systems are so vital on an airplane!  Just witness what occurred on American Airlines Flight 550 on October 6, 2015!

The pilot in command, Michael Johnston, dropped dead of a heart attack while in the air! Fortunately, the well trained first officer, or co-pilot, took the controls and landed the airplane quickly and safely in order to try to get the captain much needed medical attention in an effort to save his life!

In the airplane we usually have all types of backup systems, whether they be electrics, hydraulics, etc. But nothing can take the place of human backup, because, as they say, “stuff happens”.  Pilots get sick, or become incapacitated, or sometimes, they die.  That is why commercial airliners carry at least two pilots (sometimes more on long overseas flights).  You have to be ready!

I have known civilian pilots who have trained their passengers on some basic maneuvers, in case they become incapacitated in flight. Surely as Kings Solomon said, “Two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4: 9)

In airplanes, backup systems are vital!

Take your mind to flight!

PS Dan Reed goes on to make some excellent points on Flight 550, automation and humans at the following link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielreed/2015/10/05/american-captain-dies-in-flight-the-winning-argument-against-remote-controlled-airliners/2/

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