Nov 27th, 2017

Doctor Aviation Homeschool Review Crew Award 2017

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Doctor Aviation’s mission is to introduce lifelong learners to the wonderful world of aviation.  But it is not simply an introduction for novices. It also exists to enrich more seasoned aviator’s knowledge of the field.  That is what I envisioned when I first conceived of the project in the Fall of 2014.  Along the way we set out to use part of the revenues to help bring wholeness to America’s youth.

I am happy to say that I feel that we have done so.  Now we have validation.

Doctor Aviation is an award winner!  Not once but twice!!  HomeSchool Review Crew has a long and distinguished track record of reviewing home school courses.  While Doctor Aviation is not exclusively a home school course, many homeschoolers do use the program.  Homeschool Review Crew is a part of The Old Schoolhouse (TOS), which is one of the original family education resources.  At the end of each year, Homeschool Review Crew awards, ‘The Best of” for several major categories.

We are proud to announce that Doctor Aviation was awarded “Favorite Elective Curriculum” of 2017.  “But that’s not all folks”; Doctor Aviation was also selected as “Favorite High School Product” of 2017.  You can see the whole list of winners at:

While I did not begin the course in order to win awards.  It is nice to receive confirmation that we are doing an excellent job in fulfilling our mission of enriching learners with the world of aviation.

Certainly we have had adult lifelong learners of a variety of ages enjoy the course; however, many of our students are receiving high school credit.  To be voted the “Favorite High School Product” is a wonderful honor.

Doctor Aviation is used by many as a science elective, but others use it as a history and/or literature elective.  Therefore the “Favorite Elective Curriculum” Award is also very humbling.

This, of course, was not a solo effort.  Several homeschoolers gave me feedback on the course, and Mindbox Studios did a great job in crafting and designing the website.  My videographer and editor Abe Moreno was truly a gift from God.  Without his efforts, the course would not have achieved these levels of excellence.

So thank you to all.  May many more lifelong learners come to experience the world of aviation in a more captivating way through Doctor Aviation.  Take Your Mind to Flight!


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