Jul 16th, 2018

Fun on Southwest Airlines

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Off for my annual summer vacation and again falling Southwest Airlines. As I have written before, this is due to their great fares, the free luggage (as it should be) and a fun and competent staff.

I saw the fun and competent staff again on display in “living color” as the old NBC tagline goes.

On the way from Cincinnati to Chicago Midway our lead flight attendant had us going from the time we loaded the aircraft.  She wanted to know if “is this anybody’s”.  Everyone looked up and she knew had our attention for the seat belt demonstration.  

If we didn’t like the flight, she invited us to get off, she showed us where all six exits were located.  

We ended the flight with some yoga which allowed us to locate the pocket on the back of the seat in front of us so that we could empty them.  

The much longer flight from Midway to Spokane had a “first” for me.  Our flight attendants, Helene (yes there is another “e” at the end”, it is an old German spelling) and Rex were doing a great job up front.  Sidenote, I was mercifully in the front row for which my long legs are forever grateful.  Between Rex and Helene they got Sister Marcia Kay’s (at left in photo)  wifi going on her cell phone so that she could watch shows (I failed at my attempt to help).  Then Myrna jumped in, and they got her tablet going.  That allowed me to get to my book that I started reading on last year’s trip.  

As we chatted late in the flight Helene remarked what a great group of passengers we had, which made it s great flight.  Rex chimed in that more than that, the crew makes all the difference.  If you are working with a great crew, you can handle just about everything, including medical emergencies.  A great crew makes for a great flight, I agree.

Now for the “first”.  We had a mother daughter team as flight attendants.  Helene and her daughter Kristen did a fabulous job and posed for this picture.  I know that I have said this before, but Southwest has done a great job of melding professionalism with fun.  Now back to vacation!


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