“Doctor Aviation is a perfect program for anyone interested in aviation. Whether you have extensive knowledge of aviation or are brand new to the aviation world as a whole, Doctor Aviation offers a plethora of knowledge.  I am a big history buff, so the history of aviation and notable aviators sections particularly interested me.  Doctor Aviation also makes the science of aviation accessible to anyone.”

Colin, CAP Member, Oklahoma

“Doctor Aviation was the best program I have ever used. It helped me to understand all the different aspects of aeronautics with clarity and detail. It covered everything from the different aircraft and how they work, to learning about historical aviators like Neil Armstrong. After learning about a variety of careers within the aviation world, it equipped me with the knowledge I need to pursue a career in aviation. Thank you, Doctor Aviation.”

Maggie, Age: 16, Homeschooled, Indiana

“From the Wright Brothers to modern aircraft, Dr. Aviation held the attention of our students and our staff. We all learned so much from the course. It’s the next best thing to actually flying!”

Dr. Samuel R Ronicker, Director, Operation Rebirth, Paris, Ohio

“My twin boys have had the opportunity to take Dr. Aviation’s class.  It enabled them to have some variety and a “fun” class that was also full of learning.  Their favorite part was the notable / historical events.  Anytime we had a question, Dr. Aviation quickly responded and encouraged them.  If you have a student interested in anything mechanical or historical, this would be an enjoyable addition to their curriculum!”

Renee, Homeschool Mom, Ohio