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Dr. Aviation is the world's best educational resource for life-long learners interested in aviation.
Take your mind to flight!

70% of Revenues are Donated! See Why.

Doctor Aviation is deeply concerned about the cultural pressures hurting young people today. We want health and healing for America. That is why 70% of Doctor Aviation's revenues go to Young Life, Cru, Campus Outreach and other organizations working to restore wholeness to America's youth; the future of our country. Thank you for supporting their efforts!


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Dr. Aviation classes feature learnings applicable to all grades and age ranges.

  • "Doctor Aviation is a perfect program for anyone interested in aviation."

    Colin, CAP member, Oklahoma

  • "Doctor Aviation was the best program I have ever used."

    Maggie, Age:16, Homeschooled, Indiana

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Doctor Aviation is only $199 per half year.

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