Aug 1st, 2015

“Lights, Camera, Action” at Doctor Aviation


Why the silence? I haven’t blogged in several weeks. I generally try to get them out weekly. So, why the long absence this time? One answer is a badly needed vacation with my family; we are in the midst of it now. So far we have traveled over 3,500 miles across the country and are only halfway home.

Filming frenzy is the other and more significant reason. We have been spending a lot of time at the hangar doing some heavy duty instruction. I (Doctor Aviation) have also been doing a lot of session preparation and research. But who is “we? Through a variety of circumstances and personal networks, and I believe the Lord’s working, Abraham has joined the project.

Abraham or Abe is an amazing video talent who has taken the role as “chief video guy” filming and directing the Doctor Aviation instructional sessions. Abe is creative, talented and most of all, “just plain helpful”. He has a servant’s heart to use some old fashioned terminology. He has done a fabulous job — The evidence for that? Check out the new Intro Video that Abe helped conceive and produce on our homepage at Doctor Aviation.

Abe has come along as well as my good friends at Mindbox Studios (my website gurus, but more on them later) and Dan (our aircraft and hangar owner) to help the Doctor Aviation course get up and flying in first class fashion for this Fall. I look forward to us “taking our mind to flight” together.

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