Aug 11th, 2017

Paris Air Show News!

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When it comes to air shows, there are lots and lots of them out there.  However, when it comes to the top airshows year after year, three important ones are: Oshkosh (the most famous in North America), the Dayton Airshow (home of the Wright Brothers) and the Paris Air Show.  Two things are often talked about at the Paris Air Show: New aircraft, which make their debut and new aircraft orders from potential buyers to manufacturers.

Lockheed Martin F-35

In the department of new aircraft who make their debut, there were two headliners in Paris this year.  The Lockheed Martin F-35 (the newest US military fighter) and the Boeing 737-10 (or Max).  To see a gallery of the cool airplanes that made their debut in Paris, see this Aviation Week link: There were several helicopters that also made their debut.

When it came to aircraft sales this year, Boeing seems to have won the day.  There are only a handful of players in this market.  Boeing of the United States, Airbus (a European consortium), Bombardier (of Canada) who makes a lot of smaller regional jets (RJs), Embraer (of Brazil) also a maker of regional jets, and Mitsubishi (of Japan) who also makes a regional jet.

                     Bombardier RJ                                        Embraer RJ                                              Mitsubishi RJ

Boeing seems to have won lots of orders for the Boeing 737-10 (or Max).  The 737 has proven to be a super jet for carriers such as Southwest Airlines.  Southwest desires a reliable jet, with good passenger capacity that can do several trips (or hops) a day, like a reliable mule.  Boeing also received orders for their new 787 Dreamliner. (See details from the Seattle Times at:

Boeing 737-9 Max

A lot of the sales estimates rely on “commitments” which differ from an actual aircraft “order”.  A commitment means only an intention to buy.  An order is a much greater indication of an actual purchase.  For the final box score tally of orders see this Reuters article:

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